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Lint Be Gone


A word about the worlds best Indoor Lint Trap Filter for clothes dryers. My indoor lint trap filter system was invented for those who cannot vent their dryer outside the home. If that is your problem you will love my indoor lint trap filter system. It is the most efficient of any other brand on the market today.  My lint trap is the only one that filters as well as traps the fine particles and lint blowing out of the dryer. A fine screen attached to the front of the lint trap is cleaned by turning the handle a full circle. This forces the  trapped lint and particles to drop into the water drawer below.  My lint trap filter is extremely easy to clean and maintain.  After a few dryer loads you simply pull the drawer out and refill back up with water.  It is easy to install and comes with eight feet of aluminum flex hose, two clamps, and two screws for wall mounting. You can also let it sit on top your dryer if you choose. The lint trap measures 12"  high, by 8 1/4"  wide, and 5" deep. My lint trap kit costs a little more than others on the market, but my lint trap system does a better job trapping the lint. Venting your dryer inside your home will add extra moisture to the atmosphere. If you live in a high humidity area you need to consider this fact.  I happen to live in a every dry state and we appreciate all the moisture we can get. I do not recommend my lint trap filter if you have a gas dryer. I recommend for use with electric dryers only. The Indoor lint trap kit sells for $36.95.

If you can vent outside but want to vent indoors to save the heat in winter time, I would advise that you purchase the Heat Saver Tee accessory,  it will allow you to switch from indoor venting to outdoor venting by simply turning a switch. The Heat Saver Tee sells for $19.95. If you have any further questions about our two products, please call us at 888-977-1770.


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